What are Venice Water Taxis Called? The Best Way To Use One

water taxis Venice traveling through the water
Best way To Travel Water Taxi In Venice

The Venice water taxis name is a Motoscafi. When you are visiting Venice, you have two main transport options, by foot or water. Water taxis are the best way to get around the car-free city from the Airport to the beaches and islands. Water taxis are smaller ships you can rent like the regular taxis in New York, Milan, or London. They are famous for their speed, open-air seating, spacious cabins, and private captains.

A private water taxi will typically take you about 20 minutes to get from Marco Polo Airport to most locations in Venice. Traveling by boat is the most traditional, scenic, exciting way to explore Venice and offers an unforgettable experience.

Venice City Facts

Venice is a city of wonders located in northern Italy. It is also known as; La Serenissima or the City of Water, and La Dominante, among other names. It uses boats as the rest of the world uses cars from buses, ambulances, police, construction boats, and fire brigade. The car-free city is home to over 50,000 permanent residents with up to 30 million tourists every year.

Venice is a makeup of 118 islands that are linked through canals and hundreds of bridges. The city focuses on marine trade; hence automobiles are banned from its narrow streets, leaving boats as its primary source of transport. As a result, Venice is among the most dazzling cities built by man. Arrive in style like a local on a water taxi in Venice.

Benefits of The Venice Water Taxis

This is a picture of a Boat in Italy better know as a vaporetto or venice water taxis
Water Bus (Vaporetto)

Venice has water buses too, like any other city. That means that you can opt to take a water bus. So what are the benefits of the water bus? Find out more in this article.

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Thomas Tip: Pre-Order your water taxi, it will save you money and confusion at the ports.

  • Private Water taxis are fast and direct. It should take about 15-20 minutes to travel faster than the public bus transportation then water bus from the Airport to your destination. In addition, the water taxis are allowed to use the smaller canals, which makes the transfer more quickly.
  • Private water taxi are better becasue they drop you directly at your destination (or to the closest port).
  • You can book [AFFIL] a private water taxi and travel at your convenience.
  • Private water taxis are spacious and safe. There are fewer theft cases and more room when you choose to use a water taxi instead of public water bus.
  • Water taxis operate 365 days a year. There is no restricted schedule for water taxis, making it easy to get one to go whenever you need it.
  • They are luxurious and fun. If you plan on visiting Venice for vacation, water taxis are your absolute go-to. Their leather upholstered and open-air seating allow a unique view of the city and its attractions as you arrive and explore the city.
  • Even get a picture for the “Gram” like many Hollywood film stars on social media while using the water taxis. So take a couple of pictures on a taxi boat and capture the beauty of Venice.
  • You don’t have to grapple with your luggage. The Motoscafi captain often helps get luggage on and off-board during the transfer, unlike on public transport. That will save you from having to drag suitcases along and struggle to get them on board. You can even carry a little more luggage while using the taxi than the bus as it is limited to a certain amount of luggage per individual.

Disadvantages of Venice Water Taxis

You will likely face one significant issue with the Venice water taxi; the transport fares are high. You will definetly pay more for the water taxi then a water bus in Venice. For example, a trip from Marco Polo Airport to the historic center costs 120 euros. However, that can easily be remedied by sharing water taxis in Venice with family or others that are going to Venice.

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Thomas Tip: To save money share a water taxi [AFFIL] with other people. You can book seats in a water taxi. And they are only about 900 meters from the airport docking area.

The Best Way to Use a Venice Water Taxi

Yellow is really the customary color for taxis all across the world Venice water taxis are not diffeent.

A yellow flag waving in the wind of a venice water taxi.
Venice Water Taxi

Everybody knows that Venice is “the floating city” so when you are departing from the Airport to the city, you will need a water taxi.

Finding the best taxi as a first timer in Venice can be vexing but have no worries; use the following tips to enjoy your taxi experience in the lovely city of Venice;

Be Sure to Pre-order a Water Taxi (Airport to Venice)

The best way to enjoy your first trip to Venice is to pre-order [AFFIL] your taxi. Venice, like most cities, is a bit overcrowded, which means that it can be hard to get a cab on site. Ordering a cab online makes it easy since the service picks you up directly at the Airport.

We did all the searching for you so no need to find a credible website and book a water taxi online beforehand.

Booking in advance will also help you to stay on budget and take some stress off in advance. Transport in Venice can be quite expensive if you dont follow these tips.

To know what to do in Italy use our “Ultimate Guide In Venice” to plan and travel like a local.

Hire a Real Venice Water Taxi at the Airport

A large blue sign with white writing in a venice airport to the venice water taxis
Optional but more convenient

When you leave the baggage claim, a counter at the Airport is labeled “Speed Boat to Venice.” Find one and buy a voucher. After you have acquired your voucher, walk through the terminal towards the sidewalk that leads to the boat piers. The water taxi Venice airport price is 100-120 euros.

Another option is to head towards one of the designated docks. Most major tourist spots have these docks, including Piazzale Roma and Venice Santa Lucia Railway Station.

You can also book your Venice water taxi on this site for the bet price [AFFIL].

Make Sure to Use a Licensed Venice Water Taxi

Every licensed water taxi in Venice has a yellow stripe and a license number. Take care to see that your taxi is licensed.  It is not uncommon for first-timers to be unsuspectingly swindled by some locals.

Lookout for Gaps

Before getting off a boat, note the distance between the vessel and the pier to avoid taking an unplanned swim. There could be a significant gap that may make it difficult to exit. Again, your driver will help you try to navigate this challenge.

Share a Taxi

Water taxis are a little bit bigger than regular taxis. A water taxi will carry 9-10 people depending on how much luggage you may be having. Consider sharing costs between family and other travelers [AFFIL] by sharing a water taxi while in Venice. Since water taxis charges are costly, this is one of the best ways to stay frugal but stylish like me 😉.

Pack Light

While traveling the rest of the world, it is easy to pack heavy loads of luggage. However, Overpacking in Venice is a no-no. Although water taxi pilots can assist you with your luggage, the help will be minimal since they are prohibited by law from leaving their taxis. Therefore, you are, for the most part, alone with your luggage. It is also safer to carry all your stuff so that you won’t leave anything behind.

Check out our packing list for Men, Woman, Babies, and Europe.

Public Vs. Private

While public transportation is a bit cheaper, it has its disadvantages, many of which lead us to vote for private boats. Water buses have schedules. If you miss the water bus, you may have towait a few minutes or up to half an hour waiting for the next.

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Thomas Tip: Don’t wait till the last water bus like us fog can be an issue. Don’t forget to get your multi-day pass [AFFIL] and an updated schedule.

They have limited vertical space, overcrowded, and you may have to wait in long lines to get in. It should take you at least an hour to get from the Airport to your destination. On the other hand, the water taxis are swift, spacious, safe and offer a good view of Venice.

Tipping is Not a Must

Three gold euro coins and a fifty cent piece hitting a table as change from a transaction
No Tips

Unlike in most cities, tipping your driver in Venice is not required, nor is it expected. Therefore, if you appreciate your driver’s services, you are free to show appreciation or even tip if you want to but keep in mind that it is not expected.

Be Careful Who Books Your Rides

If you plan to hire a taxi through a hotel service or a travel agent, be sure to request the fare quotation before embarking on your journey. Unsuspecting tourists have been ripped off by agents and concierges charging outrageous fees. Beware.

Venice is a beautiful city, and seeing it with the eyes of a tourist aboard a Venice water taxi is an experience that tourists have come to understand for hundreds of years. The best views and most of its historical buildings can be seen while on water; even better is using the taxi [AFFIL] because it is small enough to go through canals that are otherwise not authorized for bigger vessels. Do not miss it.

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