Venice Airports Which is the Best With Kids

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Travel is crazy enough, add kids to the mix like us and you have a “Mission Impossible” movie. When it comes to deciding the best Venice airports to fly into, the essential thing is to book a value ticket. We found out that cheap doesn’t mean the best.

Since we normally stay in Italy for 1-2 months when we traveled here, we normally booked tickets to Rome or Milan and then took the train over to Venice as a beautiful scenic route.

Miami to Rome

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: When booking flights, mix and match airports and dates to get the best deals.

Flight itinerary from miami to venice
Miami to Venice

If you are on a time constraint we have done the research for you the best way to reach the city’s heart is through traveling straight to one of the many Venice Airports.

Each airport has its own unique features, let’s have a look at the main categories of Venice airports to help you and the family reach Italy comfortably, safely, and without drama.

Best Venice Airports

Marco Polo one of Venice Airports to travel to
Marco Polo Airport Venice Italy

1. Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE)

This is our top pick from the Venice airports list. The airport is planned very well while keeping in mind all the requirements of the passengers and all things that may be required at check-in or check-out time.


When it comes to distance from Venice to the city center it is ideal and one of the reasons it tops our list. The city center is only about 20 minutes away with kids that’s perfect the best way to really start your vacation is a boat ride with the kids.

You can take a taxi, the airport bus, or a boat from the airport to the city these services ranging between €8 to €120. We took the boat, imagine rolling up to Venice like a royal on a boat, it is magical, to say the least.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: Book your boat ride ahead of time to travel worry-free from the international airports of Italy in Venice.

Arriving At Marco Polo Venice Airport

Luggage is always one of the most complicated things with travel. Always check flight disclosures and luggage sizes, not all carryons are created equal.

We had a carry-on that was 1inch (2.54cm) over and they wanted to charge a check bag fee … “What are you kidding me …” I was livid, to say the least.

To save you the trouble here is a carry-on that we took on Air France, Norweigan, RyanAir, Delta, and more.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: Prices change frequently on these TSA approved carryons.

Don’t be like us and get slapped with a hefty €90 unavoidable bill (YIKES). To get an idea of the best things to pack for Venice Italy and beyond you can find it here [INT] we made one for men [INT] and women [INT].

TSA Reminders

TSA has not lowered their guide any it’s best to keep these reminders top of mind. Here are a few things to make sure you do not have in your bag or your kids’ bags. Any type of weapons, fireworks, corrosive material, alarm devices, or any mischievous objects.

True story when we visited one of the many Venice airports when I was younger (about 8 years old) as a youth I was a tinkerer and I took the toy mechanical parts out of a bear and brought it on a flight with me nothing harmful to me but TSA didn’t find it so harmless.

Musical Toy Boy I took with me on a european flight
Similar Toy Box That I Took To Europe

When carrying liquids it’s best to pour them out when crossing then when you get to the other side you can use a reusable water bottle to quench your thirst.

Here is an up-to-date list that you can keep handy so you are not throwing away your Tom Ford €800 cologne.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: Make sure you protect yourself with Travelers Insurance. One of two ways with a Chase Preferred card or through who we trust if Chase doesn’t cover us in that country World Nomads [AFFIL].

Marco Polo Venice Airport Check-In Process

I don’t think check-ins will ever be amazing but we always arrive at least 2-3 hours ahead for any international flight. The good thing is you can check in through the official websites to avoid any delay in entering or avoid long queues. Some airlines even make it mandatory to use their kiosk which will be brightly labeled for you, like in this picture.

Blue KLM kiosk Venice Airports check-in
Self Check-In KLM Kiosk – Picture courtesy of The Points Guy

It’s a good idea to always double and triple check your arrival time, flight name, and carry valid identity proof.

Departing VCE Venice Airports

As you glide through security and reach the other side you will start to see the beauty of Marco Polo’s departure area.

You will be able to locate cafes and bars, even a plethora of shops in a very modern artistic terminal.

Buses, cars, and boats you have the choice but read our article on boats to Venice and see if you still want to take the boring bus?

If you make the choice to go the bus route the public transport is very easy to find and readily available near to the airport.

Now that you know what to do get, ready, set go and explore the famous beaches, shopping malls, and other popular tourist destinations in Venice.

Marco Polo Venice Airport Website

Link here:

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Thomas Tip: First stop after Venice airport security is the bathroom kids always have to go. Get away from the chaos by taking a ride up the escalator to the mezzanine, you’ll find more than bathrooms but that will be your first 🛑.

2.   Treviso Airport Antonio Canova

If you want to explore the amazing sea life of the city and plan to take a boat to Venice, then Treviso Airport is the perfect option. The airport code is TSF, and you can reach the center of the city very comfortably.

Since Venice is known as the water city you can get a taxi from the smallest airport in the city.

Being the smallest airport in the city does have its advantages if you are already in Europe. This airport is the best to travel with kids when already in Europe. It is because you can conveniently get in or out of it.

Small space offers better security and minimizes any chance of mishappenings.

The great news is the airport authorities have announced a new base with 18 new routes back in 2020. The work is in progress, and it will become more connected to many other destinations in and out of Italy.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: Fly here for cheap on Ryanair or Easyjet. If you are visiting other countries in Europe and want a quick getaway then this is the spot for you.

This is a flight schedule from London to Treviso Airport one of venice airports
London (Stansted) Airport to Treviso Airport

TSF Venice Airport Transportation

Bus & Train: To reach Mestre city in Venice you will have to take the bus and reach the Centrale Train Station. The best part is that you don’t have to walk a lot to find the bus stop as it is just outside TSF Venice airport.

Private Taxi: To reach the main city you can easily book a taxi online or get it from the airport. It is the simple and quickest way to reach the hotel.

Once you get to Venice you need to know things to do like a local look at our In Venice Ultimate Guide.

3.   Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport

Not a very perfect destination out of all the airports in Italy, when trying to reach the main city of Venice but still a good option to book tickets due to its facility and convenience.

You can reach the city Trieste which is popularly famous for coffee growing and cooking. If you want to reach the city via train, you have to walk on the raised platform of around 425 meters to reach the station. From here you can directly reach the main city to explore the amazing culture of Trieste.

Apart from this, you can also reach the city by rental car each international airport in Italy will have there own prices for rental cars we have saved you the trouble of searching find the best price here

From Trieste Airport And Beyond

European scheduled flights have made it easy to fly from a variety of destinations easily. This small airport in Italy has a lot to serve you, take a train or bus to get to your destination.

Link here: 

4.   Airport Guglielmo Marconi Bologna

This is another airport in Italy on our list to be able to get to Venice efficiently. Very neat and clean flights are available with premium class services on and out of the flights.

The greatest thing we love about this airport is you rarely have to wait too long in the queues it seems that management knew what they were doing.

Because they have segregated all the check-ins and check-outs properly. Once you reach the airport, you will be ready to adventure within a half-hour.

Traveling to from Bologna Airport:

You can drive towards Venice or Mestre city in Italy. Either you can take the car from the airport or choose a cheaper public transport the train. It will take around 2-hours to reach the destination via train. But, if you have chosen a car, you will be at the center of the city within one and a half hours.

5.   Valerio Catullo Airport and Verona Villafranca Airport

Small but convenient airport to fly to Venice. You can explore many nearby cities like Verona, Crema my favorite (it’s not like we live there 😉), and Venice. The services are convenient, and when you book the tickets months ahead you can get killer discounts. Taxis or cabs can also be pre-booked for the passengers.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: Book your tickets 52-56 days ahead for the best discount! Don’t ask why it just works 😁

Outside side of a hotel in venice that has amazing views

Did you get your hotel at the BEST PRICE click here to see now![AFFIL]

The largest lake in the country is located near the airport Lago di Garda. You can also explore the major cities that is Venora and Venice. After a day trip here you can then reach Venice after completing a 116km journey by car.

Even though Lake Garda is the biggest lake we believe that Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore) [INT] is the most beautiful. This is a must-see in Northern Italy check this out Lago Maggiore The Most Phenomenal Guide For Lake Life.Lago Maggiore The Most Phenomenal Guide To Lake Life

Lago Maggiore looking out the window to the beautiful Island of Isola dei Pescatori
Isola Bella view of the Isola dei Pescatori

What Can You See In Verona the nearby Venice Airport?

This is the balcony that Juliet was depicted at in Verona Italy near Venice
Juliet’s Balcony

Here you can explore the romantic environment and feel the love in the air. The Romeo and Juliet story and heritage belong to this place. There are many other romantic places available to enjoy the journey ahead. It is recommended to come here with your partner.

Which Airport Is Voted As The Best Venice Airport To Fly To With Kids?

Treviso Airport Antonio Canova is the best and smallest Italian airport due to multiple reasons stated above but ONLY when in Europe. You can fly here with kids and reach the middle of the city easily. The crowd at the airport is less hence it increases the safety of the premises. Also, Venice is located a few kilometers distance from the airport.

For the best flight deals from the USA, our choice would be Venice Marco Polo Airport. Due to the many flight choices and airlines, this is an ideal choice for vet and newbie travelers.

Tips for Safe Travel In Venice Airports

With a perfectly planned itinerary, you can have a carefree journey without facing emergency problems.

Use this mini-list when traveling to all Venice airports.

  • Check the number of carry ons and checked bags you have and how many kilo’s of luggage is allowed for your bookings. If you think you have more luggage, then take pre-paid booking for extra luggage its always cheaper.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: 1kg is equal to 2.2 lbs

  • Review the check-in time 24-48 hours before you arrive at the airport flights can chance times without ample warning. Don’t waste time calling just use the airlines App.
  • Keep in mind that you have so much to see and cant see it all but the best approach is to see what everyone likes and compilate a list form there. There are many options, from adventurous places to romantic destinations and heritage sites.
  • A planned itinerary is always safe for the passenger, and a tour guide can help you explore Venice better.
  • You must try to arrive in the daytime as there are less convenient options at airports to reach the main city timely. Also, use a navigation map on your cellphone for safety and check that the taxi driver is taking you to the right place.
  • If you got a rental car, then be aware of the country’s routes and how you may reach Mestre or Venice, or venora. The car journeys are best for a short distance, and longer one takes train bookings in advance

Therefore, these are some tips that one may follow to fly to Venice or a nearby Venice Airport. By using these tips you will get the chance to explore one of the best possible cities in an unforgettable way.

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