Boats In Italy Only Unique To Venice Want To Guess?

Venice ambulance ready to go save some one
Venice Ambulance

Boats In Italy

Venice, Italy, has some of the best boats in Italy. It is a city of wonders, but you won’t get far without seeing these unique boats.

The amazing city of Venice uses boats to serve the same purpose cars do for the rest of the world. The boats provide all kinds of services from house-moving to police, ambulance, and funeral services. Instead of roads, the La Serenissima “Most Serene” Venice has lots of water and utilizes it by focusing on marine trade.

It is a floating city crisscrossed by various canals, making it easy to use a boat as a daily vehicle to move from one point to another. However, automobiles are banned from Venice, so the only way to reach any point in the city is on foot.

Did You Know?

The car-free city has over 50,000 permanent residents and receives 30 million tourists annually, boasting beautiful curvy and narrow paved streets. As a result, everyone in the town is well adapted to using a Venice boat. Many tourists come here to experience the serene streets and glimpse the city’s fabulous ensemble of vessels every year.

And to be frank, there is plenty to go around. The mesmerizing city bustles with pastel-colored buildings and a walk through the cobblestone streets is still one of the most scintillating feelings for most of the city’s visitors.

The most coveted form of transport in the city is the gondola boat. While they have been outnumbered by various other ships over the years, tourists still pay a sum of money to row these beautiful boats. In addition, some gondolas are still used as ferries across the Grand Canal. Venice is and will always be a maritime hub. It attracts watercraft from many different locations.

Oh, man, are the locals in Venice resourceful and have come up with ways to adapt to life as it is. As a result, the city is one of the most remarkable places in the world.

Here are some of the boats Unique to Venice;

Vaporettos/ Water Buses in Venice

This is a picture of a Boat in Italy better know as a vaporetto
Water Bus (Vaporetto)

Vaporretos are some of the most popular passenger boats to Venice. They are water buses that travel the Grand Canal and other canals all over the city. Locals and tourists often use these to get around the city and visit nearby islands. You will most definitely have to wait in line and pay about two $$’s to get on one of these, but the beautiful views are worth every penny. If you are itching to get on a Venice boat ride, the Vaporettos is definitely the best choice for a family.

Thomas Tip Marcus Head in aviator glasses
Thomas Tip: When riding the Vaporetto buy the pass for the number of days you are in Venice. It’s cheaper and more convenient.

Delivery boats in Venice

This is a package delivery boat in Italy, Venice
DHL Venice Photo Credit

These are the most common kind of boats in Venice DHL and UPS, with these delivery companies having their boats to deliver you can get anything. Notice the hands in the back this is the beauty you see in Venice. My suggestion is to get lost see our Ultimate Venice Guide for ideas.

Certain boats come stocked with all sorts of supplies imaginable from clothes, to handcrafts to grand pianos. Delivery boats bring goods as close to the canals as allowed, and then they are unloaded and carted off to their planned destinations.

Ambulance Boats in Venice

Venice ambulance ready to go save some one
Venice Ambulance

Ambulances are part of the emergency services operated by boat in Venice. They have sirens just like any other emergency services and are allowed to race down the Grand Canal faster than any other vehicle. The city’s main hospital is found on the northern shore, and this is where you will find most ambulances anchored.

House-moving boats in Venice

Boats in italy venice moving a lawn mower.
Even the lawnmower has to go!

Never thought I would see this a John Deer on the move (hahaha). House-moving boats aid families to move from one point in the city to another. During times of moving, locals wrap their belongings in plastic sheets and boxes, put them on a boat, and cruise around canals until they reach their desired destination.

Police Boats in Italy Venice

Boats in Italy are inclusive of police boats like this one
Police Boat

Police officers in Venice patrol around the city by boat. They ride around the canals in police boats. Police boats are sited all over the place, and you will not miss them. Italy has plenty of police with different types like local police, prison police, finance police, and military police. All other organizations have boats on the water.

Family Boats in Venice

Boats in italy are cheaper but are a necessity in Venice
Fisherman and family boats

Since boats are used as cars in Venice, it is a no-brainer that most families in the city own boats. Only residents of Venice can drive a boat through the Grand Canal. Families in Venice use their boats to move around, visit neighboring towns, take trips, and attend races just like the rest of us use cars. Thus, Venice boat ownership is as customary as car ownership everywhere else.

Photoshoot Boats in Venice

In the present digital era, the world is more visual every day that passes by. Venice has not been left behind. Venice is such a beautiful city with plenty of opportunities for good photographs. Photographers have utilized all the available angles and more. Many boats have now turned into sets for a photoshoot as photographers, tourists, models, and capture memories.

Motoscafi/ Water Taxis in Venice

Motoscafi (water taxis) are the best option for family trips to Venice. They are both speedy and classy, which makes visiting the different canals of Venice fast and memorable. In addition, water taxis are the quickest way to view and film the narrow canals.

Gondola Boats in Venice

One of the best time to visit venice and watch 2 gondolas floating next to a bridge
2 Beautiful Gondolas’

The gondola is the most famous boat you will see in Venice. It has existed on the Venetian waters for a few hundred years, making it a somewhat popular boat. Tourists who come to Venice usually pay high prices to experience being rowed on these legendary boats. The gondolas are elegant, unique and sleek with beautiful paintwork. It is believed that they are a symbol of Venice. While there are still many gondolas on Venice’s waters, they are becoming less frequent because of the significant number of other boats and their high maintenance cost.

Refrigerating Boats in Venice

Refrigeration boats in Venice carry fresh dairy products, foods, and beverages like milk, meat, tomatoes, cheese, and vegetables. These boats help to move preserved food from one location to another in the city. In some abodes, you may be able to buy an apple from a refrigerating boat anchored at any one of the city’s canals.

Rubbish Collecting Boats in Venice

Rubbish Collecting Boats, also known as garbage boats, are small specialized ships with cranes to lift the waste bins. Despite being a frequently visited city, Venice is commendable for being both clean and tidy. The town has many efficient rubbish collectors who collect waste left in plastic bags and push it towards the canals and collecting centers in metal rubbish containers picked up and disposed of by the ships.

Construction Boats in Venice

Construction boats are needed to bring building material to Venice. Machinery like cranes and other heavy building equipment for construction, like everything else in the city, are transported by water. Construction boats are wide and flat. They bring the material alongside the construction site, which gets delivered using cranes.

Press Boats in Venice

The press still covers significant events in Venice. How do they do it? By boat. Big television lorries arrive using press boats and are moved on land whenever important events around the city. Press boats play a significant role in sharing the activities and celebrations in Venice with the rest of the world.

Fire Engine Boats in Venice

Fire engine boats also have sirens; just like the ambulance boats, they are fast and reliable. The fire station in Venice is located are Rio di Ca’ Foscari, and this is where you will find most of the fire engine boats anchored. You might see a few of them around the city canals.

Funeral Boats in Venice

Since the city’s cemetery is on the Island of San Michele, there are specific boats for a funeral in Venice. Funeral boats are also known as hearse boats. They take the mourners to church to say their goodbyes and then to the cemetery. The funeral boats carry coffins with flowers piled on top, and mourners travel in a cabin at the back. Burials are also waterborne in Venice.

Here we have explored several boats unique only to Venice, including utility, luxury and emergency boats. Boats in the city come in numerous forms, shapes and sizes. There are also other kinds of crafts in Venice, primarily since the city operates through the marine.

There are plenty of activities too involving boats like rowing boats, barcheta a massoche among others. Thus, Venice has a diverse marine with both traditional and modern boats. However, the traditional boats are becoming less due to their maintenance since fewer engineers can maintain the old boats. Therefore, it is genuinely impossible to exhaust the different types of boats in Venice.

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