[2021] When Is The Best Time to Visit Venice Italy? Now!

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2 Beautiful Gondolas’

Best Time to Visit Venice

One of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Venice is a breathtaking city with incredible views to see, but when is the best time to visit Venice? In this blog you will know what events are in Venice, when is the best time to visit Venice, and what months things happen.

By knowing all that you can see the city of miracles like a local. Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful places on earth. Even though we are going to give you all the details you need still check out the local weather in Venice Italy here.

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Thomas Tip: Bookmark this page to check the most recent weather before you leave.

If you’re mesmerized by the beauty of the city and want to take a look for yourself, then you’re probably looking for an Ultimate Guide In Venice no worries we got you read about it here.

When it comes to visiting Venice. Like any other place, there are times when visiting the city would be expensive or not appropriate weather-wise, so if you like us ever wondered “when is the best time to visit Venice, Italy…”

Then take a breather and read through this guide. Know not only when the best time is to visit Venice but also when you’ll be able to catch most of the culture and tradition!

Overlooking a bridge into the city of venice, with a gondola in the distance. This is the best time to visit venice.
Bridge View Into Venice

When Is the Best Time to Visit Venice?

Let’s get to it straight away; the best time to go to Venice is definitely mid-April to mid-September. Try to avoid winters as it can get pretty cold; after all, the city is literally floating on water so nights can catch cold breezes from the sea, and winter is the time when it frequently rains, so it’s best if you hit the city during summers.

But don’t just go randomly in summers because you’re not the only one who will be thinking about visiting Venice, so it can get pretty crowded. And summers in Venice are known to record surprisingly hot temperature spikes and humid days, so the only time you should think of going to Venice is:

Hate The Heat

July is when the temperature isn’t too high and the evenings are still pleasant, so if you’re not the one made for heat, definitely go in July. But since July is the middle of a Venetian summer, there will be far more crowds so if you’re not a fan of crowds either, try visiting mid-April.

Love The Heat

 Are you coming from a place where the only double digits in temperature are negative and just want to catch some sun to get rid of that chill in your bones? Then your best bet is August when the temperatures are high, but you’ll experience the best of Venice then.

Less Crowded

Most of Venice clears before and after summers, so you might have to compromise on the weather if you want to skip the crowds. You can visit mid-April to the beginning of June and the last week of August to mid-September. This way, you avoid the masses and still get close to good weather.

December is not the ideal time for most to go but if you are adventurous like Kayla and me, then you can catch some KILLER 💀 deals as we did.

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Kayla and I (December Anniversary)

Frugal Time To Go

Vacations can be pretty expensive, but nothing beats Venice on a hot summer’s day in August. This is why, if you’re completely against price hikes and want to go when pricing is fair, June-July is Venice’s best time to visit.

When Not to Go to Venice?

While there isn’t any time you can’t go to Venice, if you don’t want to take a chance with the rain we recommend avoiding the months of November to February because it can get pretty cold.

The city has limited activities even though all the main attractions are still open especially many winter festivities. Most of what makes summers the best time to go to Venice is the numerous festivals and cultural events that take place, so if you visit during winters, you’re going to miss out on certain festivals.

But if you like quiet and deals then December is ok to adventure Venice in.

Best Time To Visit Venice By Events

An orange square with a yellow spot light in the middle shining on a man and a woman taking pictures of each other at the venice film festival
78th Venice Film Festival

What’s the point of going to Venice if you miss out on the fun, right? Here is an extensive guide on when the best time to visit Venice would be, with relation to the various events of Venice, so you’re not excluded from any entertainment:

The Carnival of Venice

Venice Carnival mask in venice italy
Purple Mask of Carnival

While the Carnival of Venice was called off due to the beginning of coronavirus, it will be held in the following years again. It typically begins in February and goes on till the Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras in March. This time of the year sees some of the most diverse, musical, artistic, and inclusive festivals, and prices typically fall because of concessions and discounts. 

See the history and facts here to see if you want to go with kids.

Regata Storica Boating Race

Multiple boats on the water as they show a beautiful display of colors on the grand canal one of the best times to visit Venice Italy.
Regata Storica (Historical Regatta) compliments of My Venice Apartment

Regata Storica is a yearly event that occurs on the first Sunday of September on Venice’s Grand Canal. This interesting boating race used to be a test of strength and resilience between the gondoliers, but now it’s an entertaining and friendly competition. This is when Venice’s main streets will be extremely crowded, so make sure you know what you’re getting into!

Festa del Redentore

A beutiful display of fireworks orange, yellow, purple, white , and red exploding over Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute a huge white dome building this is one of the best times to visit venice italy.
Fireworks Display compliments Grand Luxury Hotels.com

Celebrating the end of a deadly plague, Festa del Redentore has been taking place since 1577 on the third Sunday of July. The unmissable thing about this festival is fireworks, so if you’re anyone who loves fireworks, this festival is for you. But predictably, prices surge during the time, so do keep an eye on that.

Venice Marathon

A huge crowd of people running on teh streets of venice, with numbers on them to indicate the racer.
Venice Marathon – Compliments of Venezia Today

Another tradition dating back to the 1900s, the Venice Marathon, takes place yearly on the last Sunday of October. Understandably, the streets are extremely crowded, but surprisingly, prices don’t surge that much, and it’s always a thrill to witness the event.

Venice International Film Festival

An orange square with a yellow spot light in the middle shining on a man and a woman taking pictures of each other at the venice film festival
78th Venice Film Festival

Of course, who can forget the Venice International Film Festival, which goes on for ten days in late August and the beginning of September? Since the festival hosts audiences from all over the world, it can get unbelievingly expensive. So, while you may daydream about meeting a few celebs, don’t count this as the best time to visit Rome and Venice at all!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Rome and Venice With Kids?

It makes sense to take kids along to a place they can have fun and not be bored, so kid-friendly attractions are a major factor when we plan any trip whether to Rome or Venice. If kids are unhappy then parents are unhappy.

Here is a quick guide to the best time in our opinion each person has there own needs and wants so please take that into account. How to figure out the best time to visit Venice and Rome with kids:

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Thomas Tip: After you had fun in Venice take a train over to Rome it is cheap and worth it. [AFFIL]

Missing Bad Weather

If you or your children aren’t comfortable with harsh weather, whether it’s too much of the sun or the rain, then the best time to visit Rome and Venice would be during spring when it’s quite pleasant and often chilly but not too cold. 

Avoiding Crowds

A large crowd of people standing in front of a white building walking through the crowded streets of venice.
Crowds … Ewww

It’s quite logical to take kids where there are no crowds, and it’s common to know how tiring it can be to navigate a toddler through groups of strangers.

This is why, if your children are accompanying you, the ideal time to visit the cities would be September to November, but make sure you bring loads of sweaters!

What to Expect From Each Season?

In the end, whenever you go to Venice, you’ll surely have a swell time, but just so you know you’re up to speed on the ideal visiting time, here’s a little about the Venetian season and what to expect from each season:

Venetian Winters

Winters in Venice are simply cruel unless you’re really into layering up wool. The mornings are frosty and typically record average temperatures of 1-8°C, and in the evenings, the wind can become bitter.

The winter in Venice feels like you’re being chilled to your bones, so chattering of teeth is to be expected. But if you’re a Christmas lover and don’t mind brumal days, then do make a trip!

Summers In Venice

While Venice witnesses most of its tourism in summers, it can become quite challenging to spend time there without breaking out into a sweat (literally).

The “cooler” months of Summer are April, May, and the end of August and September, whereas the midsummer months like June, July, and most of August can be brutal.

The average temperature is 20-30°C which sounds cooler than it is; the water makes the environment unbearably humid, and it can get so hot, you’ll want to hit the water. But that’s exactly what everyone else will be thinking, which means the beaches will be overpopulated.

It’s not exactly a win-win scenario, so try to pick out a specific time to visit in summers as just going with the tourist flow can be tricky. The evenings can be humid too, but when it hits September, the weather calms down.

Fall In Venice

Like anywhere else in the world, fall in Venice is a pleasant and merry time marked with cool breeze and weather that’s just the right temperature to bring out that favorite trench coat.

But Venice’s weather is unpredictable, and unfortunately, fall is not exempt from this; it can get brutally cold if it rains. You’ll probably get mismatched days with the rain and the sun playing hide and seek, but in the end, autumn/fall is one of the best times to visit Venice.

Spring In Venice

Truly wonderful weather awaits in Spring in Venice when the average temperature is between 10°C-20°C. The mornings are quite warm but comfortable, but the evenings are unpredictably welcoming, so you might actually need a carry-on sweater or upper.

This is also the best time to visit or sightsee the Venetian Islands as crowds are basically non-existent, and prices are low. But it all depends on your relationship with the unpredictable weather!

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