Amazing Beaches In Venice Italy That Make The Family Excited

Sea life on Lido the beach Island of Venice
Crab on Lido Island

Beaches In Venice

Oh Venice, the beautiful floating piece of heaven. If there was one place that pulls out all the stops when it comes to tourism, Venice in Italy definitely comes to mind. The gorgeous city built on water is more than just a miraculous metropolitan; while there are hundreds of things to do while in Venice, hitting up the islands and beaches in Venice is probably one of the best activities to do. 

Are There Even Beaches In Venice?

A young girl in a modest floral bathing suit sitting on a beach chair thinking about the beaches in venice
Beaches In Venice … Hmmmm

Interestingly, the answer is yes and no. Since Venice is itself built on water and is definitely not like any other city in Italy, we can consider Venice to be a massive lagoon. This means Venice is its own beach, but when we talk about beaches in Venice, we mean the divided portions of the lagoon that serve as Venetian beaches.

If you’re planning a vacation to Venice soon, then you have to make a trip to these beautiful beaches in Venice:

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1.   Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin Pearl Sand Beaches In Venice

Spiaggia di Ca' Ballarin one of the most calm beaches in venice with beach chairs and people walking up to the water
Spiaggia di Ca’ Ballarin

In the Cavallino Treporti commune of Venice, the Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin Beach is a popular tourist destination. This beach in Venice, Italy, has probably crossed your social media feed a few times; the breath-taking union of pearly white sand and pristine blue water makes for a great vacation spot. But what takes the cake is Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin’s reputation for a clean and spotless beach; this is probably the cleanest beach in Venice, Italy. 

Best For: This beach in Cavallino Treporti is barely crowded, so it’s perfect for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and anyone who is an introvert (my kind of beach 😉). 

Popular Beach Activities: One of the most popular activities includes sunbathing, picnics, swimming, and collecting seashells.

Amenities: The beach has a children’s playground (so it’s kid-friendly!), sitting tents, sunbeds, restrooms, and nearby cafes.

2.   Spiaggia di Ca’ Vio

Spiaggia di Ca' Vio one of the top ranked beaches in venice with a white stone walk way leading to the clear water with multiple chairs and umbrellas
Yea That’s Us

Also, in Cavallino Treporti, Spiaggia di Ca’ Vio neighbors Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin, so one may think they’re the same beach, but a pine forest touches the Spiaggia di Ca’ Vio, making it easier to access through bike or hiking. The beach frequently catches strong but subtle waves where locals love to come and cool off for the summer. 

Best For: This beach is much more accessible and open to the public as compared to its neighbor, so you’ll find lots of people here: the best for extroverts. 

Popular Beach Activities: Popular beach activities include paddle boating, windsurfing, swimming, and surfing. 

Amenities: The beach also has a separate area for paddle boat renting, and you can even take windsurfing classes.

This Cavallino Treporti beach has campsites with bungalows and pitches for rent, so you can even park for a night or two. It’s family-friendly and has nearby restaurants, cafes, and restrooms.

3.   Bau Bau Beach Jesolo One of The Paw Beaches In Venice

A large white sign on Bau Bau Beach with multiple languages explaining the rules for pet owners on the beach in venice italy
Pet Friendly Beach (Bau Bau Beach)

Another commune in Venice is Lido Di Jesolo, where there are several beaches, including the Bau Bau Beach Jesolo, which is a fair favorite when it comes to public beaches in Venice and Italy. A sandy strip imitating heaven, the Bau Bau Beach Jesolo is not to be confused with its adjacent beach Lido Di Jesolo Beach, which has unfortunately been closed permanently.

This gives the spotlight to Bau Bau Beach, which has a colorful paved walkway open to the public and is at a very convenient distance from local restaurants. 

This is not my favorite beach due to all the 4 legged humans on it but for pet lovers it’s heaven.

Best For What makes the Bau Bau Beach Jesolo so well-liked is its friendship toward paws, so you can bring along a few furry friends while there; It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves exploring but can’t bear the thought of leaving their pet all alone.

Popular Beach Activities: Popular activities include swimming, searching for seashells, sunbathing, picnics, and camping.

Amenities: You’ll find plenty of restrooms and sun loungers with umbrellas to rest, and you can keep an eye on your pet as it plays on the safe shores.

4.   Astoria BeachThe Modern Beach In Venice

An aerial view of Astoria Beach in Venice with a beautiful line of teal umbrellas and perfectly arranged palm trees
Astoria Beach – Compliments of Spiaggia Bagni Sottomarina

Are you looking for something that pretty much has everything? Go to Astoria beach, located in Sottomarina, where Venetians love to come and soak in the natural baths.

One of the most modern beaches in Venice, Astoria beach has pretty much everything you’ll ask for; the longest stretch of sand is frequently visited by tourists from the connecting island of Chioggia, so it’s very well managed. 

Best For The beach has a comfortable pathway accessible for everyone and offers several services, including small catering. There is a dog area that provides rentals for your little buddy, making having fun at the beach paw-sible (hahaha 🤣). 

Popular Beach Activities: Popular activities include playing beach sports and water sports, picnics, sunbathing, tanning, strolls and walks, swimming, surfing, and hunting for seashells.

Amenities: The beach also has an extensive sports center with tennis, soccer, bocce, and volleyball courts & fields. You’ll find plenty of bars serving aperitifs and a vast parking space. It truly is a beach made to visit!

5.   Bibione Spiaggia The Last Beach In Venice

A tray with a croissant and italian coffee with packs of sugar next to the coffee on Bibione one of the last beaches in venice due to it being the farthest beach in venice
Bibione Spiaggia w/cafe

Beach Bibione is located in Bibione, a small portion of the commune San Michele al Tagliamento in Venice. This beach in Venice is set apart from others due to its location, which gives it a unique distinction. The Bibione Spiaggia is a Venice beach that directly accesses the Adriatic sea, marking the end of Venice. 

Best For Its unique position also gives it a longer period of sunlight, making it a prime candidate when it comes to beach parties and vacation tours. 

Popular Beach Activities: Popular beach activities include picnics, sunbathing, boating, surfing, swimming, windsurfing, walks, and romantic dinners.

Amenities: You’ll find numerous hotels lining the beach, offering comfortable packages to visitors, and on the beach, itself await local cafes, vendors, bathing equipment, playgrounds, cabins, showers, toilets, and even ticket offices. Yes, this is one trendy beach. 

Interestingly, this long stretch of beach can be divided into 5 individual beaches, but each and all of them offer the same services of night lighting, dog areas, information offices, nurseries, and even onsite first aid infirmaries. Impressive right? Well, this beach in Venice is determined to keep you happy.

6.   Spiaggia di Ca’ Roman

Beautiful sand dunes on a large reserve on one of the beaches in venice called Oasis Lipu Ca 'Roman
Natural Reserve Ca’ Roman

Spiaggia di Ca’ Roman is a small but absolutely magnificent beach near Sottomarina and Chioggia. It borders the Oasis Lipu Ca ‘Roman, a nature reserve and wild park. 

Best For: Offering insanely attractive views and situated at an isolated spot, the Spiaggia di Ca’ Roman is for anyone who loves nature and self-exploration. 

With huge steppingstones cornering the shore, sandy strips meeting the cool water, and an altogether chill vibe, Spiaggia di Ca’ Roman is a beach in Venice that is distanced from the usual circles of tourists. 

Popular Beach Activities: You can spend an entire day just frolicking in the water and making friends with the very active life on the seabed or just spend the day taking a boat tour of the reserve. 

Amenities: There is a quaint bar nearby and a few Vaporetto docks, so it’s not ideal for kids, but if you’re going alone, accompanying a friend, partner, or anyone in the mood for a great day, Spiaggia di Ca’ Roman is your place to be. 

7.   Alberoni Beach One Of The Warmer Beaches In Venice

In the distance you see two sea houses one red and one green on the rocks of the beaches in venice in Alberoni beach
Alberoni Beach

The Alberoni Beach is a quaint offshore beach in Lido, which is marked for its sandy dunes covered with grass. Extremely popular among swimmers, the Alberoni Beach catches mild-tempered water, perfect for anyone who does not like swimming in too cold water. 

Best For: The beach also has shallow areas of water, so anyone who’s afraid of water, cannot swim or is a beginner can find a peaceful recluse here.

This beach of Venice, Italy, is one of the oldest bathing establishments, meaning it has got a long history of pleasing customers.

Popular Beach Activities: Popular beach activities include swimming, sunbathing, picnics, and more.

Amenities: The beach has all kinds of amenities and facilities, including beach chairs, sunbeds, and restrooms.

Multiple colored shells on the sand in venice beach italy alberoni beach.
Shells – Ouch!!

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Thomas Tip: A lot of beaches have shells like these bring yourself a good pair of acqua socks. So you don’t look like Michael Jackson Moon walking.

Getting to The Beaches In Venice

Venice’s lack of roads sometimes makes traveling anywhere else difficult, but luckily for you, there are several ways to get to the beaches.

To get to Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin, you’ll have to take the Tangenziale di Mestre/A57 or the Tangenziale di Mestre A4/E70, which both take approximately an hour to get to the beach. 

Spiaggia di Ca’ Vio follows the same routes as it’s a direct neighbor of Spiaggia di Ca Ballarin.

To get to the Bau Bau Beach Jesolo, you can either take the same routes (Tangenziale di Mestre/A57 or the Tangenziale di Mestre A4/E70) or go through the Della Liberta, which will take only 45 minutes.  

Astoria Beach is located on the other side of Venice, so taking the Tangenziale di Mestre and the SS309 will do the trick. These routes will get you to Astoria Beach in an hour.

The Tangenziale di Mestre A4/E70 will take you to Bibione Spiaggia within 75 minutes, whereas the same route and the SS309 will take you to Spiaggia di Ca Roman in almost an hour. 

Marcus head a handsome darkskin man with aviators smiling about Family Travelling
Thomas Tip: We strongly recommend just renting a car to go to the beaches in Venice outside of the center.

If you’re not in the mood to take the public transits, you can always book your own Water Taxi [AFFIL], most of which directly operate from the beaches of Venice, Italy. Alberoni Beach is reachable from a ferry within 30 minutes.

Let us know which you chose and why?!

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